2018 List of Certified Candidates

2018 List of Certified Candidates
The following list of candidates has been certified by the Clerk as of July 30, 2018 at 3:30pm.

Mayor Candidates
Name: Michel Bigras
Date filed: July 26, 2018
Telephone: 705-562-0299
Email: mikebigras@sympatico.ca
Mailing Address: 15 Notre Dame St. W., Noelville ON P0M 2N0
Name: Maurice Corriveau
Date filed: July 27, 2018
Telephone: 705-626-7113
Email: moec1964@hotmail.ca
Mailing Address: 98 Viau Rd, Noelville ON P0M 2N0
Name: Gisèle Pageau
Date filed: June 8, 2018
Telephone: 705-857-2336, 705-665-2125 (cell)
Email: gpageau@laurentian.ca
Mailing Address: 97 Presqu'ile Rd, Alban ON P0M 1A0
Ward 1 Candidate - ACCLAIMED
Name: Ron Garbutt
Date filed: June 18, 2018
Telephone: 705-857-2494
Email: ron0garbutt@gmail.com
Mailing Address: 644 Turenne Rd, Alban ON P0M 1A0

Ward 2 Candidates
Name: Art Adams
Date filed: June 19, 2018
Telephone: 705-898-7879
Email: artandgisele@gmail.com
Mailing Address: 20 Dollard St, Noelville ON P0M 2N0
Name: Richard Malette
Date filed: July 26, 2018
Telephone: 705-995-2090, 705-919-0590 (cell)
Email: voteforrick@rickmalette.ca
Mailing Address: 430 Amateewakea River Rd, PO Box 196, Noelville ON P0M 2N0 

Ward 3 Candidate - ACCLAIMED
Name: Randy Hazlett
Date filed: July 24, 2018
Telephone: 705-822-6971
Email: rhazlett781@gmail.com
Mailing Address: 115 Whippoorwill Rd, Alban ON P0M 1A0

Ward 4 Candidates 
Name: Paul Sharp
Date filed: July 26, 2018
Telephone: 705-898-1204
Email: psharp@vianet.ca
Mailing Address: 1326 Mayer Rd, Noelville ON P0M 2N0
Name: Dean Wenborne
Date filed: May 22, 2018
Telephone: 705-857-0035, 705-562-3661(cell)
Email: dean.wenborne@gmail.com
Mailing Address: 51 White Pine Lane, Alban ON P0M 1A0

Ward 5 Candidates
Name: Sharon Gobeil
Date filed: July 27, 2018
Email: segobeil@icloud.com
Mailing Address: 981B Highway 528A, Noelville ON P0M 2N0
Name: David Viau
Date filed: June 18, 2018
Telephone: 705-898-2940, 705-691-1862(cell)
Email: daveviau79@gmail.com
Mailing Address: 102 Highway 528, Noelville ON P0M 2N0

Ward 6 Candidate - ACCLAIMED
Name: Renée Carrier
Date Filed: June 11, 2018
Telephone: 705-507-7654
Email: renjazsyd@hotmail.com
Mailing Address: 145 St-David St N., Noelville ON P0M 2N0

Conseil scolaire catholique du Nouvel-Ontario
Name: Julie Allen
Date Filed: July 20, 2018
Telephone: 705-626-1279
Email: julie.pilonallen@gmail.com
Mailing Address: 440 White Tail Rd, Noelville ON P0M 2N0
Name: Céline Courtemanche
Date Filed: July 9, 2018
Email: celinecourt@hotmail.com
Mailing Address: 93 Jumbo Rd, Wahnapitae, ON P0M 3C0