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Responsible Animal Ownership

As of July 6, 2022, the following rules took effect:

  • No person shall keep more than three (3) dogs over the age of 6 months without a valid kennel license. 
  • No person shall keep more than five (5) cats over the age of 6 months.

Current owners and new residents who have more than the allotted animals are allowed to own these animals until they are deceased, or are exempt if these animals were licensed before the passing of this by-law or have been licensed for the past three (3) months after the passing of this by-law (April 6, 2022).

Contact the By-law department for questions related to Responsible Animal Ownership such as:

  • pet limit
  • noisy pets
  • outdoor pets
  • roaming pets
  • improper pet care
  • pet waste concerns

Responsible Animal Ownership By-Law 2023-45

Dog Licensing

The Municipality of French River requires that all dog owners register and licence any dog(s) which have attained at least six (6) months of age. When a dog is licensed correctly, it will aid in quickly identifying an animal for return to its owner when it is lost and/or found wandering the streets of our community by either the By-Law Enforcement Officer or concerned citizens.

You can purchase your dog license(s) at 3 locations within the Municipality: 

  • Municipal Office
  • Alban Public Library
  • Noëlville Public Library