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Public Tenders

The Treasury Department is responsible for the coordination of fair and transparent procurement processes for the acquisition of goods, services and construction in support of the operations of the Municipality, in accordance with Purchasing By-law 2015-54, as amended. The Municipality will acquire goods and services in a manner that complies with this By-law and appropriate purchasing principles for the public sector, reflects a high standard of business ethics, does not favour or discriminate, is cost-effective and results in the best value for the Municipality. 

Notice of Participation in Buying Groups

This posting is a public notification that for the year (2024), the Municipality of French River, including the Municipality of French River Public Library Board, intends to participate in one or more procurements conducted by the following buying groups:

The public tenders displayed on this website are for information purposes only.  For a complete listing of the Municipality’s tenders, please refer to the Municipality’s official subscribed bidding site “”