Official Plan 2022

The purpose of this Plan is to provide guidance and direction for development and planning decisions within the Planning Area to the 2040 planning horizon. 

Decisions that affect an area’s growth and development have long-lasting impacts. Ultimately, such decisions should result in liveable communities that are economically and environmentally sustainable.

The Plan is meant to enable development that contributes to the long-term enhancement of the Planning Area’s land base and prosperity and to direct development to where it poses the least risk to areas of local and provincial significance.

The goal is to formulate policies that are easy to interpret and apply and that logically guide development. This Plan will be implemented through Zoning By-laws and other Planning Act tools and will provide a basis for other municipal by-laws and Plans to regulate the development and use of land.

All planning decisions are required to conform to the Official Plan as per Section 24(1) of the Act.

Official Plan Review