Emergency Measures


Subject: Parry Sound 33 Forest Fire

The Municipality of French River would like to inform its residence that there is a presence of heavy smoke in the air for the community of Alban due to the ongoing Parry Sound 33 forest fire in the Key River area. We would like to reassure that there is no imminent danger at this time to our communities. The Municipality’s Emergency Management Plan has been activated due to the poor air quality and the possible provision of assistance to our neighbouring communities. The situation is being closely monitored with MNRF and more information will be shared as it is available. 

For information about air quality please visit https://www.phsd.ca/news/wildfire-smoke.

Further updates will be provided on our Facebook Page @FrenchRiverON and our Municipal Website http://www.frenchriver.ca/.

Dated July 21, 2018 at 8:50 pm at the Municipal Office, Noëlville, ON.

 Emergency Management 

Emergency Management in Canada is a shared responsibility. That means everyone has an important role to play, including individuals, communities, governments, the private sector and volunteer organizations. Basic emergency preparedness starts with each individual. If someone cannot cope, emergency first responders such as police, fire and ambulance services will provide help.

If the municipality needs additional assistance or resources, they can call on provincial/territorial emergency management organizations, who can seek assistance from the federal government if the emergency escalates beyond their capabilities. Depending on the situation, federal assistance could include policing, national defense and border security, and environmental and health protection.

Requests for assistance from provincial/territorial authorities are managed through Public Safety Canada, which maintains close operational links with the provinces and territories. It can take just a few minutes for the response to move from the local to the national level, ensuring that the right resources and expertise are identified and triggered.

Everyone responsible for Canada's emergency management system shares the common goal of preventing or managing disasters. Public Safety Canada is responsible for coordinating emergency response efforts on behalf of the federal government. More information is available on the Public Safety web site at www.publicsafety.gc.ca (click on "Emergency Management”).

For a look at our Municipal Emergency Management Plan please click here